Friends of BMQG

Please find below links to some of Brisbane MQG’s supporters, members, and partners.

Quilting Services

SEQ Fabric & Sewing Supplies Shops

  • Fifi’s Fabricology
  • Kaela’s Patch
  • Peppermint Stitches
  • Precious Time
  • Quilt Craft
  • Sewmasters
  • Voodoo Rabbit

Online Fabric Shops

Pattern Designers

Quilting Teachers

Australian Modern Quilt Guilds

Australia has a vibrant and active modern quilt community, of which Brisbane is only one guild. We have both a local and an associate membership for those who are unable to attend sew days as they live too far from our meetings, or for our travelling friends. Contact us on for more information.


The Modern Quilt Guild also has a locator to help you find your closest affiliated Guild.

If you’re not based in Brisbane, but would like to join your local MQG, below are some of other the other affiliated Australian Modern Quilt Guilds.

If you would like to discuss including your shop or service on this list, please contact       

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